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We have created and developed solid Porcelain Bullnose Pool Copings.

Transforming Tiles into Masterpiece Elegant Swimming Pools you Will be Proud of.

The Art of Our Manufacturing process will give you the Perfect finish to your Porcelain Tile.

Our Process of Bullnosing and Shaping Porcelain tiles to follow the contours of your Swimming pool, now allows you to take Your Beautiful Porcelain tile right to the water’s edge.

We are continually Designing New edge details to Architectural and client requirements.


Our innovation and research into this product, together with our Sophisticated Advanced technology and machinery, enables us to transform Porcelain tiles into Masterpiece Stair Cases.

Over the past 8 years, Mr Bullnose has developed, tried ,and tested, Unique Processes of Bullnosing & Polishing Porcelain Tiles, and have perfected the different manufacturing and polishing methods.

We Manufacture Staircases to be one continuous, beautiful feature.

The Process of Bullnosing is also used to give the perfect finish to your Skirting tiles, Bath Surrounds, Window Sills, Shower Thresholds, Vanity Tops, Corners and where tiles meet, etc.


Mr Bullnose is a Family Business. The Cochrane family’s research and dedication to Modern Innovation & Advancing Technology in Beautifying Homes and Buildings has been their driving force for over 60 years. The family’s business enthusiasm and devotion encompasses the company as a whole, igniting the passion in both management and staff.

The family members, all specialists in their fields, constantly strive to achieve the newest and best quality products and services adding elegance, sophistication, convenience and value to your project.

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